The aftermath of nonviolence is the creation of a Beloved Community”


Join the many faces of Oakland for a One Night Oakland Love Explosion where Oakland's creative stars honor Oakland's original Social Justice icons! 

Event proceeds will benefit solutions for Urban Equity & Inclusion: East Oakland Black Culture Zone + social justice incubator hub + regional anti-displacement campaigns!


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People, Place & Power: 
Reclaiming Community Culture + Ownership in East Oakland

Led by EastSide Arts Alliance, the East Oakland Black Culture Zone is creating a Hub and people/place/power strategies to reclaim community culture, power, and ownership.  We build on the legacy of the Black Panther Party and people's history in Oakland.

Advancing Anti-Displacement + Social Inclusion Alameda County

Convened by the Dellums Institute for Social Justice, the Our Beloved Community Action Network has secured $65 million in new public funds to create an Anti-Displacement Safety Net in Alameda County. Building off this unprecedented effort, the Network is working on policy and program changes to guarantee social inclusion and racial equity for long-time residents confronted by displacement and exclusion from the new economy.

Building an Intergenerational Social Justice Incubator Hub in Oakland

The new Dellums Center for Activism + Innovation is a vision for an inter-generational social justice hub to incubate young leaders’ bold ideas for social change.  We build on the amazing social justice legacy of Ron Dellums and other elders.

Beloved Oakland's Call To Action

Oakland is the epicenter of the nation’s housing and racial injustice crisis with the decline of 26% of African Americans during this time of unprecedented economic growth and prosperity.  Oakland families making the median household wage of $36,000 would have to pay 100% of their income towards the new market rate rents of $3,000 a month!  The failure to prevent displacement has resulted in the 39% increase in the homeless population in just two years.  The new homeless are people who can't afford housing costs.  They are predominately African American, the formerly incarcerated, single headed households with children, and older adults.  Solutions are available to ensure that Oakland's people are guaranteed basic human rights to housing and inclusion in the new economy.

Today a band of community, faith, political, and tech leaders have joined forces to implement Dr. King’s vision of the Beloved Community in Oakland, California. 


We Love Oakland with Might

Margaretta Wan-Ling Lin

-In honor of June Jordan-

The nation’s biggest callaloo of cultures
Laotians, Nigerians, Mayans, and 122 more peoples came to
              This beacon of hope for Belonging, a place called Home

Epicenter of the global displacement epidemic
The forcible removal of those who loved and stayed when the 100,000 fled
The expendable ones in the way of the TechRush, the GreenRush, any Rush
without the force of morality and justice

How do we pay tribute to our Legacy?
      Black Panthers claiming Black Power AND solidarity with the rainbow coalition--Brown Berets, Yellow Peril, Gray Panthers, SCLC
       Ron Dellums, John George, Lionel Wilson breaking the color line of political representation
        Free Speechers speaking justice for all
        West Coast funk founders creating unheard sounds--Sly and the Family Stone’s slap and


        Where we plant our feet and hearts
                   Where we claim the American dream of freedom and equality for all
               Where we innovate what Justice with Love looks like

Where We Love Oakland with Might
Fulfilling Dr. King’s Beloved Community